Mediphacos, Ltda
Av. Deputado Cristovam Chiaradia, 777
Belo Horizonte  30575-815
Phone: 55-31-2102-2211
Fax: 55-31-2102-2212
Web: http://www.mediphacos.com
Booth: 2040
Mediphacos has a complete product portfolio to cover the keratoconus field, including the pioneering, Keraring corneal ring, the Esclera scleral lens, Easyflex preloaded system as well as corneal crosslinking. Combined with its cataract product line, Mediphacos provides surgeons with a full-range of innovative tools. Mediphacos.Vision in Evolution

Product/Service Categories:
  · Contact Lenses
  · Corneal Cross-Linking
  · Intracorneal Lenses
  · Intraocular Lenses
  · Phacoemulsification Products
  · Viscoelastics

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